Hi! I'm Brittni.

My path of becoming a trauma therapist has been deeply entertwined with my own healing journey. Growing up, I moved to different towns and schools every couple of years due to my dad's career. I experienced overwhelming social anxiety and low self-esteem, which later lead to substance abuse and eating disorders. Looking back, I realize these were coping skills to help me feel regulated and safe in the world.

Learning the nuances of my own nervous system has been life changing and something I wished I learned as a kid.

Everyone benefits from understanding how our brain and bodies work together. I teach people to regulate their nervous system by incorporating somatic practices, psychoeducation and memory reconsolidation. This reduces shame so that healing can begin.

I've found EMDR and Exposure and Response Prevention to be highly effective tools to help people overcome traumatic challenges quickly and effectively. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia helped me significantly improve my sleep. I have seen it help so many clients!

I'm passionate about watching people make the courageous choice to heal and change from the inside out. It's a privilege to support others on their path to self-discovery.

In my free time, I love being outside. Hiking, strength training and yoga are a regular part of my life. I love going on a long walk and listening to a podcast. I'm obsessed with animals especially cats and birds! I also enjoy learning about neuroscience, history and astrology. Traveling and exploring planet earth has been a major highlight! I am also utilizing psychedelics to continue my healing journey and expand my capacity for consciousness.

I grew up all over Texas, but lived overseas in Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago in middle school and high school. I got sober from drugs and alcohol in 2008, which was a necessary and fundamental pivot as a young adult. I completed my undergrad at Naropa University in 2011 and my masters at Pacifica Graduate Institute in 2016. At the time of my masters, I lived in San Diego and then Hawaii where I started my private practice. In 2023, I moved back to Boulder where I am enjoying the mountains and wildflowers.

Brittni Brooks, LMFT
Licensed in California (145937), Colorado (0002324) and Hawaii (593)